Dr. Joyce Ashuntantang Golden Birthday Celebration

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Dr. Joyce Ashuntantang’s Birthday Celebration Part 2

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"Highlights of Part2 of Dr Joyce Ashuntantang's Golden Birthday Celebration in New-York City. The First Part of the celebration was a sightseeing lunch cruise on the Bateaux, New York." [embed][/embed]


For Junction Here: A Poem in Cameroon Pidgin English

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By © Joyce Ashuntantang Anytime I shidon for this place All ting wey I di see na ya face Na for dis junction I be used to see ya heart; As I be want make we be You no be ever gree me I touch Ya own tightit be too much I go beg; lo


Barbara Tah Gwanmesia

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Barbara Tah Gwanmesia celebrated author of Vasona's Secret is our guest in the Spotlight. A graduate of Journalism, International Relations and World Politics with a confessed avid yearning for an understanding of how the human mind works and mankind


Kenjo Jumbam and the Unfulfilled Potential of Early Anglophone Cameroon Writers

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Joyce Ashuntantang

(Originally published in Palapala Magazine) Kenjojumbam In 2005, veteran Cameroonian writer, Kenjo Jumbam, author of The White Man Of God died in his native Nso, prematurely ending the career of one of Cameroo


50 Years After “Things Fall Apart”: A Chat with Chinua Achebe

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By Joyce Ashuntantang, PhD “Okonkwo was well known through out the nine villages and even beyond. His fame rested on solid personal achievements. As a young man of eighteen he had brought honor to his clan by throwing Amalinze the cat”. Wit


My Thoughts on the Inauguration

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As I watched Larry King yesterday night, he kept asking this same question to all his guests: What does the inauguration mean to you? I have been trying to answer that question this morning. As a black person living in the United States at this t


My Christmas Gifts: Moments with my dying Cousin

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By Joyce Ashuntantang, Ph.D. Today, January 6th 2011, my cousin, Joan Bechem-Agbor Arrey, will start her final journey to her resting place in her husband’s village in Akak, Manyu


My Son Loved the Wrong Animal

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By Joyce Ashuntantang I have never been one for pets. I did not grow up with a dog or cat. Truth be told: I am scared of dogs. I have actually been bitten a couple of times by dogs. No pun intended. I am equally uncomfortable around cats; they


Bebe Manga’s Voice Continues to deliver…

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By Joyce Ashuntantang In life she had no biological children of her own but her death proved that she had used her voice to deliver a mammoth crowd that showed up at her wake yesterday at the Limbe municipal stadium. It is this crowd with persons


I Have Been Inside Letter “V”

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By Joyce Ashuntantang

Yes, Batuo’s World has been quiet for some time. I can now tell you why. I have been inside letter V. Oh yes, even those of us whom friends and family have labeled "tough" have a time when the leaves of life just


I Went, I saw, I did not Conquer

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By Joyce Ashuntantang

(Afterword from Their Champagne Party Will End: Poems in Honor of Bate Besong) March 8th 2007, the literary sky fell in Cameroon. Bate Besong; Kwasen Gwangwa’a, Hilarious Ambe, and their


That Man Was One Of The Greatest Men In Nigeria, Africa; You Drove Him To Tell Stories And Now He Will Live Forever.

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A Tribute to Chinua Achebe, 1930-2013

by Joyce Ashuntantang

It is difficult to know where to begin to pay tribute to the Eagle on the Iroko, but fortunately he gave me “a mouth with which to tell my


The Game of Life Goes On: Let’s Play it the Komla Dumor Way!

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Well, 2014 has settled in, and I am back on my blog after a hiatus. Fortunately, I was able to connect with some of you via facebook. Truth be told, 2013 called for some emotional heavy lifting and I had to conserve my energy, but it is a new season


World Cup 2014: Brazil’s Hubris and the Brazuca

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By Joyce Ashuntantang

Not many FIFA world cup fans know that the official name of the 2014 FIFA World match ball is “Brazuca” and not many know that the name was selected by Brazilians after an unprecedented v


And Dr. Bertrand Fote Got Married to…Miss Laura Ayuk-Takem

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Any way you dice it, Dr. Bertrand Fote and Laura Ayuk-Takem’s wedding on Saturday, August 30th 2014 in Charlotte, North Carolina, was one for the books. I always knew Bertrand Fote’s wedding would be a multilayered event. Why? The young man is s


Joyce Ashuntantang: Using Poetry to Help Save Cultural Treasures

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By Barbara Steinberger ( First published in


) Whether she is helping students find their voices through poetry, introducing them to authors around the world via Skype, or guiding them as they recite words of inspiration from


She Earned IT in Her Own Right: For Anne Nkwain Nsang

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By Joyce Ashuntantang

At 4:30 p.m today, December 19th 2014, the energetic and dynamic ace journalist, Anne Nsang will be lying in state in Yaoundé Cameroon. In spite of the fact that her fight with lung cancer had already made it


Cameroon Teen, Nina Foyabo, Impacts Lives with Her Hair

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(First reported on

What would make a young black girl give up her long full-bodied hair, especially at this time when hair extensions have become the norm for most young black women? Ask 14 year old Nina Foyabo. Most teenag


Stepping Out of My Comfort Zone

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The beautiful painting hung on the wall. It was titled "Paradise Palms". We had to produce one exactly like that. Our coach, Katie explained how we were going to do that. I listened attentively but it just seemed an impossible task. I had never pain


Jacob Nguni: His pen was as fluent as his guitar

May 25 2015 | 0 Comments

By Joyce Ashuntantang The world got to know him as the gifted lead guitarist responsible for the “singing guitar” in Prince Nico Mbarga's hit song "Sweet Mother". His name also entered the psyche of a generation when Prince Nico Mbarga presen


A Journey into Statelessness?

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    Joyce Ashuntantang, Ph.D.

I grew up speaking English in Cameroon. In fact, I was born into English and never considered it a foreign language. I was also bo